School to School Support

TELA School Support Team and Case Studies

Primary Specialist Leaders of Education

Sally Allen School business management and financial management Cosby Primary School
Victoria Otway Maths & Assessment Gilmorton Chandler Primary School
Emma Clark English Richmond Primary School
Jennifer Carter Phonics & ITT Richmond Primary School
Rebecca Lawrence Maths & Assessment Richmond Primary School
Holly Coull Maths Sherrier
Kellie Roche English Sherrier

Secondary Specialist Leaders of Education

Amanda McKenzie RE & ITT Brockington College
Rakesh Patel CPD, ICT & ITT Brockington College
Jonathan Barton Leadership of curriculum, Closing the Gap, History Brockington College
Victoria Carr CPD, Science & ITT Brockington College
Peter Mattock Director of Maths & Numeracy Brockington College
Amanda Rashleigh Leadership of CPD / Leadership of curriculum Countesthorpe Leysland CC
Yvonne Sperry MFL, ITT & Behaviour discipline Countesthorpe Leysland CC
Pamela Hollingshead School business management and financial management Brookvale Groby
Deborah Law Leadership of CPD Brookvale Groby
Marcus Miola Science Brookvale Groby
Vicki Cropp Drama Redmoor
Lynsey O’Keefe Leadership of curriculum (Secondary) Redmoor
Ian O’Flynn ITT and NQT development TECC
Ann-Marie Willett School business management and financial management TECC
Max Young SEN TECC
Beth Clements Assessment, CPD & English TECC
Janine Hartley Assessment, Leadership of curriculum, PHSE & RE TECC
Sarah Bishop Support for most able pupils Wigston Academy
Christopher Tongue Behaviour & Discipline /Attendance Wigston Academy
Laura Welsh SEN Wigston Academy
Mike Wilson Wigston Academy

To find out more information about school to school support of to broker an SLE contact Ian O’Flynn ioflynn@thomasestley.org.uk or phone 01455 283263 ext 3205

Vicki Cropp, SLE and Senior Leader, Teaching and Learning

Vicki made several visits to a Leicestershire secondary school, working with the SLT and Heads of SEN.

She aimed to help improve the impact that support staff have on learning in the classroom and contribute to an improved OFSTED rating.

Interactive CPD sessions for support staff and teaching staff to improve effectiveness of the deployment of classroom support were a key feature of her work.

OFSTED commented on improvements in this area on their next visit, and Vicki also received feedback of improvements in self-esteem and confidence as well as improved clarity about the support staff role in the classroom.

Amanda Rashleigh, SLE and Learning Manager

Amanda made two visits to a Leicestershire secondary school, working with the SLT.

Her objective was to help validate judgements around the quality of teaching and learning during a two day ‘Mocksted’, through paired observations with senior and middle leaders.

She provided feedback to individual teachers,  discussed patterns and trends with the headteacher and wrote a summary report to support further planning for improvement.

Kellie Roche, SLE, Deputy Head and English leader

Kellie made several visits to a Leicestershire primary school, working with the English subject leaders, Year Six teachers and the SLT.

Her role was to support improvement in writing, as well as accurate levelling of assessments through moderation with local schools.

She introduced phases of writing linked to extended genre pieces, supported with guidance and training around effective strategies in writing and GPS and moderated assessments collaboratively.

A local authority review affirmed her impact in improving writing standards across the school, with a consistent approach to learning the phases of writing linked to a rich, genre-based learning now embedded.

Sarah Bishop, SLE, senior leader and Head of Art, Design and Technology

Sarah worked with the Deputy head and Head of ADT in a Leicestershire secondary school, as well as delivering twilight training to teaching staff.

OFSTED had raised the effectiveness of  Assessment for Learning as an issue, and she aimed to embed it into teaching and learning across the school as well as to improve the quality of lessons in ADT, including high quality literacy across the curriculum.

A whole school presentation with follow up resources took place alongside coaching and mentoring processes.

Feedback demonstrated that understanding and use of AFL improved, and MAP/VAP strategies and resources were embedded into practice, contributing to OFSTED evidenced improvement.

Chris Tongue, SLE and Support, Intervention and Progress Leader

Chris supported a Leicestershire secondary school, working with a teacher and their senior leader mentor over a series of visits.

He aimed to help develop effectiveness in behaviour and classroom management, through discussion, target setting and observation.

The work is ongoing but there have already been measurable improvements in behaviour.

Tim Moralee, NLE and Principal

Tim worked with the Headteacher and the middle leaders in a Leicestershire secondary school over a period of two terms.

His remit was to improve the quality of middle leadership, reducing inconsistencies and variance in quality reported by OFSTED.

Together with a senior leader colleague, he delivered a whole day of leadership training with a twilight follow up session to embed and evaluate impact, using a differentiated approach which incorporated system leadership opportunities as appropriate.

Feedback from the Headteacher reported greater consistency and autonomy, with use of leadership tools clearly embedded in process and practice, a judgement confirmed by OFSTED on their later visit when the school’s category was moved from Requires Improvement to Good.

Lynsey O’Keefe, SLE, Head of Modern Foreign Languages and ITT co-ordinator

Over a six month period, Lynsey spent time working with Heads of MFL and Music departments in a Leicestershire secondary school.

Her role was to support improvement in teaching and learning, pupil progress and leadership and management skills.

Lynsey observed lessons, helped develop schemes of work, policies and procedures, moderated GCSE work and worked alongside middle leaders to improve marking and feedback.

Teaching and learning evidenced improvement from ‘requires improvement’ to good in the targeted departments, and policies and practice were embedded.

Holly Coull, SLE and Maths leader

Holly worked with a Maths leader in a Leicestershire primary school to help improve standards in Maths across the school.

This involved lesson study, teaching assistant training, pupil voice involvement and sharing resources and strategies around development of the Maths Environment and calculation methods.

Impact included improved Maths results at Key Stage Two and OFSTED no longer rating Maths as an issue of concern.

Ian O’Flynn, SLE and Head of PE

Ian supported a Leicestershire secondary school, working with the Deputy Head, PE leadership team and a newly qualified teacher.

He helped the department to improve the allocation of roles while maintaining strong working relationships. Observing lessons with coaching based feedback was also an improvement focus.

Leadership became more strategic through the effective development of roles and responsibilities.

Maxine Young, SLE and Senior Leader I/c Inclusion

Maxine is carrying out a series of regular visits to a Leicestershire secondary school after their request for help in embedding understanding and actions around the new SEN reforms, combined with supporting the progress of vulnerable pupils.

Working with a senior leader and Inclusion/Pastoral Managers, they are working to support processes in line with the new reforms and to measure the impact of identified interventions.

Policies and practice are already in place, and increased confidence is apparent, to support further work this year.