Why Choose TELA?

School to School Support

TELA offers school to school support in a variety of ways, which can be accessed by schools inside and outside the alliance. School to school support ranges from focus visits/lesson observation involvement, through  leadership support and specific project work, to full NLE deployment action plans targeted at moving to a higher OFSTED category.

TELA’s members include three National Support Schools headed up by National Leaders in Education, as well as a team of Specialist Leaders in Education, Local Leaders in Education, and one National Leader of Governance, who can all be deployed into schools requiring support. TELA is currently officially supporting nine Leicestershire secondary and primary schools and a group of schools in South Yorkshire. There are also a variety of informal support programmes on offer, as well as a developing Peer Review programme led by Ofsted-trained senior leaders.

Please contact us with any enquiries regarding school to school support.

National Leaders in Education:

Tim Moralee, Thomas Estley Community College

Alex Green, Abington Academy

Andy Coombs, Redmoor Academy

National Leader in Governance:

Suzanne Uprichard, Chair of Governors at Countesthorpe Community College and Greystoke Primary School

Local Leader in Education:

Fiona Jones, Badgerbrook Primary School

Specialist Leaders in Education:

Sarah Bishop (Curriculum, Assessment for Learning, More able pupils, ADT) – Secondary

Lynsey O’Keefe (Curriculum, MFL) – Secondary

Mike Wilson (Curriculum, Leadership) – Secondary

Maxine Young (Inclusion, Pupil groups) – Secondary

Ann-Marie Willett (School Business Management) – Secondary

Holly Coull (Mathematics) – Primary

Kellie Roche (English) – Primary

Vicki Cropp (Teaching and Learning, Drama, Support Staff) – Secondary

Amanda Rashleigh (CPD, Curriculum, Middle leadership, English, Expressive Arts) – Secondary

Pamela Hollingshead (School Business Management) – Secondary

Christopher Tongue (Behaviour Management, Discipline, Attendance) – Secondary

Laura Welsh (SEN, Inclusion, Study Support Management) – Secondary

Marcus Miola (Science) – Secondary

Deborah Law (CPD, Teaching and Learning) – Secondary

Ian O’Flynn (ITT, PE) – Secondary

The School to School support team also includes a range of other senior and middle leaders with varying specialisms – please contact Jo Robotham tela@thomasestley.org.uk or ring 01455 283263 for more information about deployment.

Why Choose TELA?



‘Thomas Estley Learning Alliance has offered valuable support, particularly in developing the school’s curriculum, and moderating assessments in English and science. Their representatives have also provided training, including for teaching assistants and cover supervisors. The alliance is providing a number of Specialist Leaders in Education from September, who will work with teachers to improve the quality of teaching. The alliance’s involvement is helping to improve the school.

A Specialist Leader of Education from Groby Community College provides effective support to the senior leader responsible for the quality of teaching’.

Charnwood College OFSTED report, July 2014