TELA Peer Reviews


Self-Evaluation Framework

Training together and carrying out a Peer Review in at least one other school as well as having a team of peers visiting your school and focusing on the areas in the Ofsted evaluation schedule.


  • To keep the Peer Review Programme effective at maintaining and improving the quality of education in the participating schools.
  • To provide unique and valued professional development opportunities for participating school leaders.
  • To promote and development of openness and trust amongst participating school leaders.
  • To work alongside trained Ofsted personnel in order to provide independent validation to observations and judgements about each school or college.
  • To support each member of the Peer Review group as they progress towards or maintain ‘outstanding’ as deemed by the Ofsted framework.
  • To provide a system of ‘health checks’ to support the work of the cross-county Teaching School partnership created under the TELA umbrella.

Outcomes from the process

At the end of the two-day process the team conducting the Peer Review will provide feedback and a report in a structure agreed with the school. This feedback will provide an evaluation of the schools current position, in terms of its self-evaluation framework (SEF), as well as areas for development. The Peer Review team will provide the school with feedback against its own judgements rather than necessarily make graded conclusions. Conclusions will focus on whether the school is currently above, in-line or below its own judgement.

In line with the current Ofsted framework there will not be any grades for teaching and learning given for each lesson observation. The evaluations of lessons will focus on strengths and areas for development. The process will support the school by identifying exceptional practice when it is observed.


In 2015 a Peer Review network was established amongst participating schools from within the TELA ‘family’.  The process has grown with both Secondary and Primary TELA schools being involved in 2016/17. The TELA Peer Review schools have committed themselves to engagement in the full programme of customised peer evaluations. The evaluation is supportive and non-judgemental although each school can engage with the process in a structure, which is suitable to them and meets their needs in the Ofsted cycle.

Schools engaging with Peer Review nominate members of their Senior Leadership Team to participate in the process. Where possible the TELA Peer Review network includes Headteachers and Principals in order to provide gravitas to the process.

All of those engaged in the evaluation receive support and training prior to deployment into any school. Training will be led by our link Ofsted inspector and consists of:

  • Data evaluation training
  • Observation training – what to look for; how to give feedback
  • Understanding the latest framework so that the Peer Review can support each school to be Ofsted ready

Teams will be deployed into schools throughout 2017 -18  to engage in two days of ‘inspection’ based activity customised to the schools requirements. During the two days the team will for example:

  • Observe lessons – preferably in pairs with staff from the school
  • Analyse the data
  • Talk to leaders of key areas about the actions being taken to address areas for development
  • Conduct student and staff voice discussions
  • Meet with governors to assess the quality of their leadership

To support the evaluation process the schools engaged will commit to the following:

  • Support the process by committing their own senior leaders to the programme, engage in the training and participate in other evaluations across the TELA ‘family’ of schools.
  • Prepare the two-day evaluation schedule including observations, staff and student discussions and provide access to basic information such as data (Raise Online / P16 Panda), the SEF and Improvement Plans.

Peer Review Strategic Lead: Rob Coles

Principal, Groby Community College

For more information, contact Jo Robotham by:

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phone - 01455 283263 ext 3206