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CAMHS sessions for 2019/20

9 OCT '19 - The anxious child - How to help

When is anxiety functional, reflecting real insecurities and issues.

This session is for people to share good practice and present real situations faced in schools for mental health advice and planning.

27 NOV '19 - Children who harm themselves

It is well known that the incidents of children harming themselves has greatly increased.

This session will look at assessing risk, discussing how to talk about self-harm and who can help.

22 JAN '20 - Children with separation anxiety & relational insecurities

This session will discuss good practice seen across schools in Leicestershire and be an opportunity for tricky situations to be discussed in a supportive environment.

11 MAR'20 - Autism & anxiety

Anxiety is very commonly seen as a symptom in diagnosing Autism. In this session real scenarios will be discussed and action plans put together.

29 APRIL '20- Children who are low & depressed

How can we help those who are low to experience joy & fulfillment? This session will allow participants to discuss children for whom they  have concern, offering mental health advice & action plans.

10 JUNE '20 - Combating anxiety & stress across the school

This session will look at how predictable stresses, such as tests & exams can be managed in the context of children with vulnerabilities.

CAMHS SESSIONS - TELA Members £27 per session or £140 for all 6 sessions

Non TELA member £40 per session or £220 for all 6 sessions

TELA is also licensed to deliver accredited National Professional Qualifications for Middle Leaders (NPQML), Senior Leadership (NPQSL), and Headship (NPQH).